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"Restoring the New Testament Church", October 15-19, 2006

Made available by the Getwell Church of Christ


Sunday, October 15, 2006

What Is the “Falling Away”? Jim Dearman

What Is the Church of Christ? Perry B. Cotham

The Five Periods of Church History,  Alan E. Highers

The Indestructible Kingdom of Christ, Dale R. Willis


Monday, October 16, 2006

The Seed Is the Word of God, Brad Harrub

“The Shadow of Heavenly Things”,
 Les Bonnett

Restoring “The Apostles’ Doctrine”, Jason McDade

Efforts To Weaken or Destroy
the Restoration Plea,
Glenn Colley

Alexander Campbell and the Restoration, B. J. Clarke

Monday Open Forum, Gary McDade

A Century of Controversy, Gary McDade

Restoring the Place and
Purpose of Baptism,
Mike Hixson


Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Restoring the Government of the Church, Robert Ball

“Ask for the Old Paths”, Bill Burk

Restoring Respect for Unity, David B. Jones

The Church in Prophecy, Barry Grider

“Raccoon” John Smith
and the Restoration,
Sam Willcut

Tuesday Open Forum, Gary McDade

The Place of the Word of God
in Restoring the Church,
Paul Sain

The Power of the Word of God
in Restoring the Church,
David Sain

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Salvation Is in One Body, John E. Shannon, Sr.

Restoring the Mission of the Church, Billy Bland

Restoring Gospel Preaching, Hugh Fulford

Restoring the
Love of the Brotherhood,
Jimmy Ferguson

David Lipscomb and the Restoration, David Powell

Wednesday Open Forum, Gary McDade

Restoring the Church in
Our Generation Using Radio,
Winford Claiborne

Restoring the Church in
Our Generation Using Satellite TV,
Barry Gilreath, Sr.


Thursday, October 19, 2006

Restoring New Testament Worship, Bobby O’Dell

Did the Church of Christ Originate
in the Restoration Movement?
Gary McDade

The Church of Christ:
Distinctive in Destiny,
Bobby Liddell

How the Christian Church and the
Church of Christ Came to a
Parting of the Ways,
J. E. Choate

Restoring Respect for the Bible, Keith A. Mosher, Sr.

Thursday Open Forum, Gary McDade

Restoring the Fight against
Spiritual Wickedness,
Dave Miller

The Church of Christ
Did Not Begin with
the Restoration Movement,
Curtis Cates



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