Thursday, March 30th, 2006

Lectures and Classes

08:30 AM Chapel (Forest Hill): The Need for Continuing Study Jerry Manning
09:00 AM Preaching the Gospel in Foreign Missions: Sponsoring and Supporting Churches and Qualifications of Missionaries Barry Hatcher
10:00 AM How Can We Have the Proper Motivation to Preach? Eddy Gilpin
Class Set for the Defense of the Gospel Scott Ferguson
11:00 AM The Gospel in Parables Kenneth Ratcliff
Class The Certified Gospel Jeff Grimes
Class How Can We Have an Effective Gospel Meeting? (Audio) Tony Pulliam
01:10 PM The Gospel Produces Faith Melvin Sapp
Class The Gospel of Unity (Audio) Dale Hubbert
02:10 PM Overcoming Prejudice with the Gospel Ronnie Hayes
Class The Gospel in Power, and in the Holy Ghost Bob O’Dell
Class The Hidden Gospel (Audio) Greg Balentine
03:10 PM Open Forum Garland Elkins
07:30 PM The Good News of Eternal Salvation Robert R. Taylor, Jr.

















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