Thursday, March 31st, 2005

Lectures and Classes

08:30 AM Chapel (Forest Hill): Lights in the World Mike Dugger
09:00 AM What is Man–According to Hedonism? Michael McDaniel
10:00 AM God Created Male and Female–A Study of Marriage Jerry Brewer
Class What is Man–As Shown by the Physical Body? Robert Meredith
11:00 AM God Has Commanded Man Kenneth Gossett
Class Man’s Problems with Suffering, Sorrow, Pain and Loss Greg Lewis
Class What is Man–According to Human Philosophy? David B. Jones
01:10 PM Man and Satan Jimmy Ferguson
Class Man is an Emotional Being Riley Nelson
02:10 PM God has Given Man the Power of Choice Bobby Wood
Class What is Man–In View of his Earthly Home? Larry Powers
Class Is Religion the Product of Man? Ben Wright
03:10 PM Open Forum Garland Elkins
07:30 PM What is Man? Robert R. Taylor, Jr.

















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