Monday, March 28th, 2005

Lectures and Classes

08:30 AM Chapel (Forest Hill): Treasure in Earthen Vessels Ralphelle Hubbard
09:00 AM God Created Male And Female–A Study of Human Sexuality Curtis A. Cates
10:00 AM What Are the Roles of Men And Women? Don McWhorter
Class What is Man–According to Humanism? Sean Hochdorf
11:00 AM The Benefits of a Merry Heart Billy Bland
Class God Has Given Man Work to Do Lane Dix
Class What is Man–In View of Eternity? Wayne Jones
01:10 PM What is Man–In View of an Absolute Moral Standard? Dub McClish
Class What is Man–As a Steward of God’s Blessings? Keith Dixon
02:10 PM Man Has a Spirit Within Him That Will Live Eternally Gary Colley
Class What is Man–In View of His Dominion? Anthony Hixson
Class Man’s Relationship With Fellow Man Gideon Rodriguez
03:10 PM Open Forum Garland Elkins
07:30 PM What is Man–In View of His Purpose? Harrell Davidson

















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