Tuesday, March 30th, 2004

Lectures and Classes

08:30 AM Chapel (Forest Hill): Except Ye be Converted Randy Chambers
09:00 AM Cases of Conversion Flavil Nichols
10:00 AM Sin Keeps the Church From Growing Wayne Coats
Class Sins Against the Church John Moore
11:00 AM The Seed Line of Salvation Keith A. Mosher, Sr.
Class Does the Body Sin While the Spirit Does Not? Kenneth Gossett
Class The Angels That Sinned Andy Cates
01:10 PM The Work of the Holy Spirit and Salvation David Brown
Class An Analysis of "The Sinner's Prayer" Jason Roberts
02:10 PM The Common Salvation Harrell Davidson
Class The Cost of Salvation David Watson
Class Sins of Indifference and Neglect Stacy Grant
03:10 PM Open Forum Garland Elkins
07:30 PM The Second Coming, Resurrection, and Judgment Winford Claiborne

















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